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Business Service Query Access List

Returns the value of the return property from the returnProperty set of the specified business service, after invoking the method with the context. For example: InvokeServiceMethod («BusServ», «PersonalizationMethod», «Key1=a,Key2=2», «ReturnProperty»)

invokes the business service method PersonalizationMethod in business service BusServ, passes it the context Key1=a,Key2=2, and returns the value set by the business service in the property ReturnProperty. To use the InvokeServiceMethod function in client mode, the business service name that is called by the InvokeServiceMethod function must be added as the BusinessServiceQueryAccessList parameter value under the [Siebel] section of the application configuration file as follows:

  BusinessServiceQueryAccessList = BusSvc1,BusSvc2,...

Likewise, in Server mode, the component parameter BusinessServiceQueryAccessList must also be set to specify the list.

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